City Council Member Suggests Solution To Gang Problem

<p>Chief Rizzi And Coffey</p>

Chief Rizzi And Coffey

A Yakima City Council member wants the police chief to ask the state and federal governments for help fighting the city's gang problem.

During this morning's city council meeting, Council Member Kathy Coffey noted the rising number of gang-related crimes over the past few weeks, and asked Yakima Police Chief Dominic Rizzi if it was time for the city to ask for help.

Rizzi says the department is currently working on the gang issue, but it will take time before results will be seen.

Coffey says she isn't criticizing the police department, but wants to find a faster way to solve the gang problem.

"I  just think that they have the right to have more tools at their hand, and I think that it's the duty and responsibility of the council to make sure that they have what they need,' said Coffey.

"We're getting together with all these other units, these agencies, we're pooling our resources together, and we're coming up with a long-term plan that's going to be beneficial to the city," said Rizzi.

Chief Rizzi says it may take a few months before the gang plan is revealed to the council.