Survivor's Story

The survival rates for women diagnosed with breast cancer have never been better, most diagnosed early will fully recover.

In part three of our "promise to me" series, we talk to breast cancer survivor  Pat George.  She was diagnosed with cancer at age 51, and within 10 days of her diagnosis had a mastectomy.  She says support from her family meant everything.  "Family and friends there to prop you up and keep you going .. and I told everyone, please don't feel sorry for me.. lets just.. and they did.  My sister's even made fun of me a little bit."

Nine years later Pat George, like thousands of other women, is cancer free and going strong.  Breast cancer survival rates have never been better. In fact, the 5 year survival rate for women with breast cancer that has not spread, is 99%.

But breast cancer nurse Cindy Miller says you need to catch the cancer early.  "Early detection is the key to long survival.  because we can remove a tumor at an early stage and do treatment and have a survival rate almost as if they haven't had cancer, and obviously have regular follow up," says Miller.  She also attributes better breast cancer survival rates to new treatments and chemotherapies. We'll take a closer look into those next Tuesday.