Students Protest Cuts To Davis High Arts

<p>Students Protesting</p>

Students Protesting

More than one hundred high school students in Yakima play hooky today to protest renovations coming to their school.

Students from A.C. Davis High School walked the streets of downtown Yakima, carrying signs saying the performing arts program has been left out of the school's $97 million renovation project.

About $1.8 million of that money will be spent on renovating the performing arts building, but students say that isn't enough to fix all the problems it has.

"Our auditorium is falling apart, and we need new seats. We don't have handicap accessible ways for people to get around," said Junior Piper Peltier.

The yakima school district issued a statement today stating it will continue look at any modifications to the performing arts facilities during the constructions process and that there is no intent to cut back on the school's performing arts program.