More Information On Goggin Murder Case

<p>Pauline and Bill Goggin</p>

Pauline and Bill Goggin

We now have more information as to why murder charges against Kevin Harper were dropped earlier this week in the killing of a West Valley family.

The Yakima County Sheriff's Office says investigators failed to look into a statement a witness gave them after the murder of Bill and Pauline Goggin, and Bill's mother, Bettye in February of 2011.

That witness told detectives she saw two cars outside of the Goggins home on the night of the murders, one of which detectives assumed was a neighbor's -- however, the witness later claimed it was not.

That information was brought up by the defense about two weeks ago.

The presence of the unknown car changed the timeline during which prosecutors believed the Goggins were killed, and collapsed the case against Harper.

The sheriff's department assigned two new detectives to the case yesterday.

"That's primarily to get a fresh set of eyes as they review the information and also going forward, they can re-interview some of the people we've contacted already," said Stew Graham.

"This has not gone by the wayside. We did what we believe right in the kevin harper case. We have other cases we are pursuing, i think the sheriff's office has taken the same approach," said Hagarty.

Prosecutors were still unwilling to reveal specifically why the changed timeline led to Harper's plea deal.

Harper will be sentenced on possession of a stolen firearm and stolen property charges the first week of January.