County Commissioners to Consider Zoning Regulations for Adult Entertainment Facilities

<p>X-rated store in Yakima</p>

X-rated store in Yakima

From: Yakima County Public Services


Yakima, WA. – The Board of Yakima County Commissioners will hold a public hearing Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2012 at 2:00 PM in the City of Yakima Council Chambers to gather public input about the County’s proposed changes to its adult entertainment review procedures.

Under consideration are changes recommended by the Yakima County Planning Commission, which held its own hearing on the matter last month. Proposed changes include removing the compatibility review currently required under both the Yakima County and the Yakima Urban Growth Area Zoning ordinances and relying instead on an existing predetermined list of protected uses, such as parks, schools, residential districts and community entranceways.

Adult entertainment facilities would also be required to maintain a separation distance of 800 feet from these uses. An additional separation distance of 400 feet between adult entertainment facilities and existing residences would be added to the regulations.

Other elements of the existing regulations will be unchanged, such as the requirement to establish adult facilities within the Industrial (I) or Light Industrial (M-1) zoning districts.

The changes are prompted by a federal court order in July that struck down local government compatibility requirements for adult entertainment facilities. In August the commissioners enacted a moratorium on new adult entertainment establishments in unincorporated areas to allow time to review and consider amendments to the County's regulations. The review was followed by a Yakima County Planning Commission public hearing on the proposed amendments last month.

The proposed regulations become law if they are adopted by the Board.