UPDATE: Gun Reported on Ki-Be School Bus, None Found

<p>Kiona-Benton School District</p>

Kiona-Benton School District

The Kiona-Benton School District has discovered that a gun was not brought onto a bus Wednesday morning on the way to school.

A witness originally reported that he or she saw a student brought what looked like a gun onto the bus.

According to the district's superintendent, a student was playing with a "nerf" gun at the bus stop and dropped it off inside his or her house before getting on the bus.


News Release from the Ki-Be School District

Gun Reported on Bus
A woman reported that she believed a student may have a gun on the bus this morning.  The bus driver immediately addressed the elementary students and confiscated their backpacks, notified the SRO who searched the backpacks and interviewed the students. Nothing was found.  The Deputy rode the bus for the remainder of the route to ensure student safety and searched the bus at the end of the route.  The students arrived at school without incident and again nothing was found.