Lawsuit Filed Against Yakima Valley Community Foundation

<p>Colgan and Sandlin</p>

Colgan and Sandlin

A former Yakima area charity president is suing a charity foundation.

The man alleges that he was fired for challenging a racist remark made by an employee.

John Colgan is suing the Yakima Valley Community Foundation wrongful termination, defamation and emotional distress.

Colgan says he stood up to a board member who made a racist remark towards President Obama.

Colgan says he was terminated a few months afterward, in December of 2011.

Colgan's lawyer says he was wrongfully terminated for standing up for racial intolerance.

"And quite frankly, this kind of stuff is so onerous, because you can't get at it. And when you have somebody courageous enough to hold someone accountable for it, the bad guys win," said  JJ Sandlin.

Colgan is suing for an undisclosed financial amount, but says it is in the millions.

The Yakima Valley Community Foundation was unable to comment on the matter, as it had not yet received the suit.