Confirmed Case of Whooping Cough in Benton City

Ki-Be School District

Ki-Be School District

The Kiona-Benton School District has confirmed one of its students has pertussis, or more what is more commonly referred to as whooping cough.

The district received a call Wednesday from the parent of a kindergartner who is being treated for the illness and will return to school once the treatment is finished.

Students at the elementary and middle schools, which share the same building, were sent home with letters regarding symptoms to look for and what to do for treatment.

Kathleen Marra, Ki-Be's school nurse, said the best thing people can do is watch out for the symptoms, and get a vaccine if you already have not.

"Immunizations are there for the purpose to help keep the community safe," Marra said. "And that we [the health community] do our part by being informed and then following up and making sure those shots are given at the appropriate ages."

The district said there have been no other reported cases of pertussis=, but officials are taking notes on who is sick and what sort of symptoms they may have.