Update: KGH approves settlement to drop hospital bed litigation

<p>Kadlec Bed</p>

Kadlec Bed

Kennewick General Hospital takes a step toward ending the ongoing feud with Kadlec Regional Medical Center over more hospital beds.

Tonight, the Kennewick Public Hospital District approved a proposed settlement agreement from the State Department of Health to drop all current litigation against Kadlec.

The litigation started a few years ago, when Kadlec requested 114 additional beds from the Department of Health, and Kennewick General Hospital asked for 25 additional beds.

But the Department of Health only allowed Kadlec 55 beds, and didn't give KGH any additional beds.

Both hospitals appealed the decision.

KGH appealed the decision to not get any beds, and it appealed the decision to give Kadlec 55.

Kadlec appealed the decision to only get 55, and asked for the rest of the 114 beds.

But tonight, KGH said its willing to forget the appeals and move forward if Kadlec will do the same.

"This would be an opportunity to put all that behind us and to re-focus our energies on taking care of the community, and I think that's what the community wants. We've heard pretty loud and clear from our community that they would like to see all this nonsense stop too" said Glen Marshall, Kennewick General Hospital CEO.

The settlement agreement won't move forward unless Kadlec approves to drop its appeal, and agrees to not to appeal KGH's new Southridge facility.

A spokesperson from Kadlec would not comment on the issue.