Breast surgeon raises awareness for breast cancer

<p>Breast Cancer Awareness</p>

Breast Cancer Awareness

A breast surgeon from Pasco is advising women to start getting mammograms when they turn 40 years old, instead of 50.

Dr. Laurie Evans spoke at the Tri-Cities Cancer Center this afternoon to raise awareness for breast cancer.

She says starting to get mammograms at 50 years old is too late.

Dr. Evans says even if nobody in your family has had breast cancer, you should still get checked out, just to be safe.

"Only 15% of women that have breast cancer have family history. It's the other 80%. And if you think just because you don't have family history and you're healthy, that you shouldn't get a mammogram, you're wrong" said Dr. Evans.

Dr. Evans says if your mammogram shows something our of the ordinary, don't panic.

She says it doesn't hurt to get a second opinion, and above all else - know your options for how to move forward.