Jail Setting Minimum Standards

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Jail Bed

Suspects arrested for lower level felonies in Yakima County may not have to spend time in jail while awaiting trial.   

In an effort to save money and reduce theovercrowded jail population, the Yakima County Jail proposed a plan, setting minimum standards in deciding who is booked into the system.

That means some suspects would remain out of jail while awaiting a court appearance.

The plan was made after the local criminal justice departments were asked to cut 1.6 million dollars from their budget by the county commissioners.

However, the Yakima County Court Administrator says it won't be letting people back onto the street without proper evaluation.

"We do an assessment of these people to determine if they're in good risk to be on electronic monitoring and to be supervised by a probational officer. If we think so, we'd reccommend that to the judge," said Harold Delia.

The county's law and justice committee will work on finalizing the plan, which will need to be approved by the Yakima County Commissioners before it's implemented.