Annexation Facts Committee compares differences between city and county

<p>Donut Hole Map</p>

Donut Hole Map

City of Pasco employees say residents in Franklin County's Donut Hole will pay about the same amount of fees they pay now if they're annexed into the city.

But many Donut Hole residents say money doesn't have much to do with why they want to stay in the county.    

Many residents living in the Donut Hole say they want to stay in the county because they like the quality of life they have there.

The Donut Hole is a portion of land between Roads 40 and 100.

City employees want to annex the area because Pasco is growing and they say it makes sense to incorporate the area because it is in the middle of Pasco.

Over the past few weeks, an Annexation Facts Committee has compared the differences between living in the county and the city, and according to a report the group released this week, the changes in fees are minimal.

"The cost for most people would probably be about a wash. Nobody's gonna make a million in savings and nobody's gonna spend a lot more either" said Gary Crutchfield, Pasco city manager.

But Donut Hole residents say that's not the issue.

"We're here because we chose not to be in the city. And that's what we're defending, our right to be in the county, and the lifestyle that it offers" said Mark MacFarlan, who opposes annexation.

Residents in the Donut Hole are trying to create their own city.

Earlier this week, they handed in a petition to the county auditor so they could vote on creating a new city sometime next year.

The City of Pasco is holding a council meeting on the possible Donut Hole annexation on October 29th.

Gary Crutchfield expects the city to make a final decision on the annexation in November.

If you want to read the full report about the differences between living in the city and the county, click here.