National Weather Service issues freeze warning

<p>Sprinker System</p>

Sprinker System

Lawn care companies in the Mid-Columbia are busy preparing to blow out sprinkler systems, as the National Weather Service announces a freeze warning for our area.

Senske Lawn and Tree Care in Kennewick has been taking calls all day from residents who want their sprinkler systems blown out.

The freeze warning is in effect until 9 AM tomorrow.

The National Weather Service reports that temperatures will start to reach the freezing point between midnight and 3 AM, and the coldest temperatures will occur between 5 AM and 8 AM.

"The cold weather that's coming shouldn't make anyone nervous, because it takes multiple weeks of continuous cold weather before it will cause any damage, because most irrigation lines are buried or subsurface so that the dirt and your soil will act as insulation" said Tim Schneider, Senske Lawn and Tree Care.

Many lawn care companies, including Senske Lawn and Tree Care, will start blowing out sprinkler systems on Monday.

Click here to see the freeze warning.