Medical Mission Trip To India

A Kennewick rotarian returns home from a mission trip to India devoted to fixing cleft lips and pallets.

60 percent of the surgeries they performed were scar revisions for burn victims and the other 40 percent was fixing cleft lips and clef pallets.

Over twenty rotarians from all across the world, including Kennewick's Lisa Teske, helped performed these procedures, literally changing peoples lives.

Many of the patients had lived for years with these birth defects and before the mission say they had no hope of getting them  fixed.

Teske who was in charge of admitting patients before surgery says the memories she left with are priceless.

"From the first say when I set up their chart to the final day to see how their surgery turned out and see how happy they are and how changed that they are its just amazing to see the transformation and just to see how happy they are with the result and know that their life is changed forever," says Teske.