Dogs Living in Truck Find New Home

<p>Homeless Dogs Given Home</p>

Homeless Dogs Given Home

Two dogs have been living in their owner's truck since Sunday in Kennewick, but on Thursday afternoon they found a new home with a good samaritan.

Neighbors at the Highlander Apartments in Kennewick noticed the dogs spending most of the day and night in the trucks.

A Facebook user decided to post a picture of the dog on his site and others started taking notice.

Brendon Salmon, owner of the dogs, said he and his wife have been homeless since the weekend and needed to stay with a friend at the apartments.

Salmon did not want to burden his friend, so he kept the two dogs in the truck outside and checked up on the german shepherd and yellow labrador frequently.

"I'm not gonna go on the side of the street and let the dogs loose," Salmon said. "I would rather have them have a place to live."

The Salmons were told by the apartment managers on Thursday that the german shepherd could not stay on the property because of apartment rules regarding bigger breeds of dogs.

While Salmon and his wife were taking the dogs to the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter in Pasco, a good samaritan stopped by right after they left asking about the dogs.

"They were obviously in a bad situation," Taylor Hall, 28, said. "[The owners] needed some help themselves, so if I can help them, then I'm happy to."

Hall called the shelter and told the receptionist to have the Salmons wait in the parking lot for her to arrive.

When Hall and the Salmons arrived at the shelter, they discussed having Hall hold onto the dogs at her home until either the Salmons were ready to take them or until a new, permanent home was found.

Salmon said both dogs are in good health, and he is happy the dogs will have a good place to live with a big yard and a loving home.