Car Prowls Spike During Holiday Shopping Season

<p>Brummet Hiding His Purchases</p>

Brummet Hiding His Purchases

Police are reminding holiday shoppers to be extra careful over the next several weeks when you're out at the stores and malls.

We caught up with James Brummet today, who was Christmas shopping for his grandsons.

Brummet knows the holiday shopping season can provide theives with ample opportunity---because he has experienced it himself

"Oh yeah, we've had our car broken into numerous times," said Brummet, "Sometimes it makes me wonder why they do it, because there's nothing really in it."

"One time I had a iPod touch that was connected to my radio, and they busted my window right in the parking lot and stole my ipod," said Tim John.

Police say the rate in car prowls tends to spike during the holidays, especially in shopping areas.

They say the best way to protect the items you buy is to lock them in the trunk, and keep them out of sight -- anywhere they can be seen can lead to problems.

"I as a police officer and even as a private citizen can go to the store and walk through the parking lot and see stuff in cars that is just blatantly obvious," said Captain Rod Light, "Something that's going to draw a thief to."

Police say the one thing people tend to forget is that car prowls can happen at any time.

And especially during this time of the season, it's not uncommon for it to happen during the day.

"They think that it's daylight out, there's a lot of people, this stuff doesn't happen during the day, well it does happen," said Light, "At high noon so to speak, when there's people everywhere."

James Brummet still has more holiday shopping to do the next few weeks, but says he won't make the same mistakes again.

"Even if it's a little bit out of my way, i'll go back home and put the things in our house and go back shopping," said Brummet, "If you load your car up -- back seat and front seat with things, you're just an acceptable victim to the criminal."

Police also advise that you change your parking spot if you are shopping for a prolonged period of time and make several trips back and forth, because theives can be watching.

Home burglaries tend to rise during the holidays, and people should make sure to keep all valuables from being seen through windows.