Pasco students learn business skills during Enterprise Week

<p>Enterprise Week</p>

Enterprise Week

More than 700 high school seniors from Pasco are getting some real world business experience this week.

The Pasco School District is holding the 13th annual Enterprise Week at the TRAC.

During the mock-exercise, the students are divided into 50 "companies".

They'll design a product, create a financial plan for their business, then market the product to stockholders.

Many students say Enterprise Week is one of the most important and memorable weeks of high school.

"I think it's valuable because it shows us the real world and what other people are doing. It shows that business is not really as easy as it sounds" said Katherine Covarruvias, student.

Business owners from across the Tri-Cities are teaming up with each company to mentor them throughout the week.

The team's products will be judged by community members on Thursday and Friday.