Turkey Trot Hits Yakima

<p>Turkey Trot Runner</p>

Turkey Trot Runner

Hundreds of people gather at the Yakima Greenway Saturday morning to work off that Thanksgiving meal.

Over 300 men, women, and children participated in the third annual Leftover Turkey Trot.

People got the chance to run or walk a 5K, while raising money for Camp Prime Time -- a camp for terminally ill or disabled children.

Event planners say the number of participants has doubled since last year, and do not expect that to slow down.

"It's a very good feeling because I know how much the camp means to the campers," said Camp Prime Time manager Shirley Thietje, "And it's a very good feeling to see the amount of support that we get from the community."

The Leftover Turkey Trot raised over $4,000 this year.