Shoppers prepare for Thanksgiving meal

<p>Thanksgiving Shopping</p>

Thanksgiving Shopping

We're just two days away from Thanksgiving, and shoppers are packing grocery stores getting ready for the big feast.

Most of the families we spoke with today say they're not really holding back on their purchases.

They say Thanksgiving is all about getting together and enjoying a good meal, so they're willing to pay for it, and seeing similar prices compared to last year is helping.

Richland's Donna Powers is finishing up her Thanksgiving shopping today.

"Pumpkin, pumpkin pie, rolls, turkey, sweet potatoes, the regular" said Powers.

With two days to go before Thanksgiving, shoppers are filling grocery stores, looking for deals and those last minute items on their lists.

"The wife sent me out to pick out the turkey. That's about all I'm allowed to pick up" said Robert Borisch, shopper.

This week is one of the busiest of the year for grocery stores.

And although the Richland Albertsons has seen a strong flow of customers today, tomorrow will be even busier.

"It's all hands on deck. From making rolls and pies, to the butchers getting ready for even just the special order turkeys. It's pretty labor intensive" said Cliff Rigsbee, store manager.

Prices for Thanksgiving meal items are overall a little higher than last year - but not by much.

The American Farm Bureau Federation reports the average meal for a group of 10 costs just 28 cents more than prices in 2011, for a grand total just under $50.

"Seems pretty much the same as last year across the board for the most part. I haven't really noticed anything significantly higher than what I paid before" said Emily Cloward, shopper.

Many shoppers say the bottom line is the holiday food is worth the little extra cost.

And for some who aren't planning to feed a group of 10, they're ok with spending more to have a memorable meal.

"We'll probably if anything, buy a little bit more, cuz it's just us and you know, splurge a little bit" said Cloward.

Some grocery stores will be open on Thanksgiving.

Store managers tell us their stores usually see a good amount of people coming in that day to pick up items they forgot.

According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, the price of turkey and rolls are up a little this year.

But the price of green beans, stuffing, sweet potatoes and milk are all slightly down.