"Octopus" Toy Owner Will Try to Take Case to U.S. Supreme Court

<p>Mural Above Inland Octopus Toy Store</p>

Mural Above Inland Octopus Toy Store

A Walla Walla toy store owner will attempt to go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court to fight to keep a giant octopus mural above his business.
The city says the mural is actually a sign and is too large and ordered it come down.
Inland Octopus toy store owner Bob Catsiff says the order violates his right to free speech.
A local judge ruled against Catsiff. He then lost at the state court of appeals and the state supreme court refused to hear his case in October.
If the nation's highest court refuses to hear the case--the fight will be over and Catsiff will have to remove the sign and pay the fines--which now total more than $70,000.