Collecting Donations for Sandy Victims

<p>East Rockaway Donations</p>

East Rockaway Donations

A Prosser woman is collecting much needed supplies for people in a Long Island, New York neighborhood hit hard by Superstorm Sandy.  

Jerrie Lyn Thomas is hoping her community, three thousand miles away, will help out with donations.

Thomas is inspired to help because a former Prosser resident, 19-year old Zach Berry now lives in East Rockaway, New York with his mother. 

Berry's family finally had its power restored, but living conditions are difficult, and, they have 9 relatives staying with them whose homes are unliveable.

Thomas says although Superstorm Sandy is no longer in the headlines, people in East Rockaway are still struggling to get by.   "They have boats in the front yard, boats in the street.  trees down, homes flooded, the sewage right not is currently backed up into the streets and yards, " says Thomas.

A full list of needed items and drop off locations are listed below. You can donate until December 17th. 

The following donations are needed:

Face masks, latex gloves, rubber gloves, antiseptic wipes, hand santizer, head lamps, flashlights, batteries, rubber boots, extension cords, duct tape, rope, contractor bags, winter scarves, baby/personal wipes, tampons/pads, Bandaids, Benadryl and Tylenol, socks and underwear, daipers and formula, baby neccesities, sponges and SOS pads, rags/towels. toothpaste and toothbrushes, shampoo, deodorant, winter coats, gloves & hats, hand/feet warmers.


Bethel Prosser, Alexandria Nicole Cellars, 6th St. Coffee Shack, 7 Degrees, Cook's Tru Value