More Crimes Involving Teens With Guns

There's been a lot of crime lately in Yakima involving teens with guns, and prosecutors say it's due to gangs.

Yakima County prosecutors say they have dealt with about 25 cases against teens with weapons a year, for the past 3 years -- they say most of those are teens involved in gangs.

The most recent involves the shooting death of 26 year old Octavio Rangel by a 15 year old suspect 3 weeks ago at the Yakima Transit Center.

Prosecutors say most firearms found on teenagers in gangs are those that were stolen from homes.

"Over and over again, these guys are going out to the neighborhoods, they commit burglaries and they're getting the guns. They funnel those back into the gang to be used by other members, whether they're adult gang members or juveniles," said Prosecuting Attorney Troy Clements.

Juveniles charged with illegal possession of a firearm can face between zero and thirty days in juvenile detention for a first time offense.