Some People "Calling In Sick" To Play New Video Game

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Thousands of people are lining up outside of electronic stores tonight, waiting for the midnight release of the Call of Duty video game.

The latest title, Black Ops 2, is expected to be the biggest selling game of the year, and many fans have already taken tomorrow off to play it.

According to a survey posted by the gaming site IGN, one in four gamers say they plan on calling in sick or skipping school tomorrow.

One gamer has been camped out since 10 this morning, and says the game is worth the wait.

"It's been a while since the last call of duty game. And call of duty is like a lifestyle for a lot of people. Because I know a lot of people, they're going to be skipping school, and they're not going to go to work tomorrow, just to play this game so they can get the prestige or whatever. So they can say they're the first one to finish the campaign," said 19-year-old Jerwin Garcia.

The game is expected to sell at least 6 and a half million units its first day.