High Speed Chase Ends In Truck Hitting House

A high speed chase ends with a truck crashing into a Yakima family's home.

Police say it happened around 2 am, after an officer tried to conduct a traffic stop.

Police followed the driver to 48th Avenue and Summitview, where the driver -- a 21 year old male -- lost control and crashed into a child's bedroom.

None of the occupants were injured, but they say they are glad their son was not in the room during the chase.

"Truly blessed is all I can say. Thank goodness that he doesnt like to sleep in his bedroom, and we don't force him to sleep in his bedroom very often. So we were very-very thankful that he was with us," said Paula Peterson.

Police say the suspect was hospitalized with several broken bones and facial injuries.

Police say a female passenger was also riding in the truck, but escaped after the accident.