Big Changes May Come To Union Gap

<p>Union Gap City Hall</p>

Union Gap City Hall

Tonight's election may bring some big changes to Union Gap's government.

Voters are deciding whether to change the city's style of government from a strong mayor, to a council-manager format.

Currently, Union Gap mayor Jim Lemon has control over all city departments.

However,  a council-manager style would consist of an elected city council, responsible for policy making, and a city manager, who is responsible for administration.

One person says she is expecting voters to approve the change.

"I hope they change the form of government, because I've lived here more than 20 years, and I haven't seen anything done for the community. I would like to see some new leadership, and it would be a good start for the city of Union Gap," said Arcelia Plazola.

Nearly 80 percent of cities and town's in Washington operate under the strong mayor format.