Taylor Bridge Fire Lawsuit Is Expanding

<p>Taylor Bridge Fire Home</p>

Taylor Bridge Fire Home

The lawsuit filed by those who lost their homes in the Taylor Bridge Fire near Cle Elum is expanding

Crystal Freeman was one of the first people to be affected the Taylor Bridge Fire, which began a few miles east of her Cle Elum home.

She was one of the first to be evacuated, but was lucky enough to find her house still standing when she returned

Now, almost two and a half months later, many in her area filed collective lawsuit against the company they believe is responsible for starting it.

"All of the homes that have been lost, and the people that were out of their homes. Somebody should have to pay for it. There should be consequences," said Freeman.

And that suit is growing.

About a dozen of those victims filed the lawsuit against the Conway Construction and Rainier Steel Inc. companies three weeks ago, claiming its workers did not take proper steps to prevent a fire started by their work.

Since then, dozens of people have added their names to the suit, bringing the total close to 60.

We attempted to speak to a number of those people today---they all refused, directing us instead to the attorney handling their claim

We asked Freeman why she didn't consider adding her own name to the lawsuit, and she said 'take a look at other people's property, such as this one, I think they need it more than I do.

"We just decided not to get into the middle of it because there are so many other people that suffered so much more than they needed to," said Freeman.

Freeman says she hopes those people are able to find some sort of retribution, but more importantly she hopes this lawsuit serves as a lesson for other companies who work out here in the future.

"At that time of year, you can't mess around with any of that. And hopefully it's a lesson that everybody will take under," said Freeman.

We asked attorneys on both sides to comment on the lawsuit, but our calls were not returned.

The Department of Natural Resources is currently looking into the specific cause of the Taylor Bridge Fire.