Alternate Voters Pamphlet For Those With Reading Disabilities

<p>Online Audio Pamphlet</p>

Online Audio Pamphlet

Washington voters with reading disabilities have an alternative voters pamphlet they can use--an audio pamphlet put together by students at Central Washington University.

The audio pamphlet allows voters to either log in online or listen to cd's one can order from the secretary of state's office. Each options reads the pamphlet to the voter.

The audio is recorded by Central students -- the program coordinator says the effort started about 20 years ago, and is intended to give disabled people an equal opportunity to vote.

"There are a number of reasons why individuals cant benefit from print related disabilities. Including blindness or low vision. Learning disorders such as add or dyslexia. And so by providing the materials in an alternative format, all voters are able to access the information," said Central Access Coordinator Wendy Holden.

If you would like to listen to their work, click here.