Peak Holiday Travel Times for Snoqualmie Pass

<p>Memorial Day weekend travel</p>

Memorial Day weekend travel

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The Department of Transportation says holiday travel over Snoqualmie Pass on I-90 will be at its heaviest tonight-- and on Monday.

Eastbound travelers will run into the most congestion over Snoqualmie pass tonight, with the rush hitting its peak around 7. On Monday, Snoqualmie Pass will be congested with travelers heading back to western Washington.

The D.O.T. is shutting down construction during the holiday, to ease congestion on the pass.

"Our crews will not be working Friday through Monday so we're going to have two lanes open in each direction all across the pass," says D.O.T. communications manager Mike Westbay.

The D.O.T. recommends you give yourself plenty of time to travel. Go to our News Link section for a link that gives you the latest traffic conditions anywhere in Washington state.