CWU Professor Rescues Climbers On Mt Everest

<p>Jon Kedrowski</p>

Jon Kedrowski

A professor at Central Washington University helps rescue stranded climbers on Mount Everest over the weekend, in what turned out to be a disastrous climb.

Geography professor Jon Kedrowski has been doing research in Nepal for the past few months.

On Sunday Kedrowski and his group were attempting to summit Mount Everest.

They came upon a group of climbers that had been trapped by bad weather for over 18 hours.  Kedrowski's co-worker Jim Huckabay says he helped four of them down to the base camp.  

"Hypothermic clearly not able to even think, Jon described one of the people in one of his reports, as almost zombie like with fingers already frozen -reaching out for help, " says Huckabay.

It is still unknown how many people died on Sunday, but according to Jon's blog he believes that number is 7.

Jon Kedrowski and his group plan to attempt to summit Everest again on Friday.