Victim's Relatives Hope For Justice in Briden Murder Trial

<p>Shelly Kinter</p>

Shelly Kinter

<p>Aaron Briden</p>

Aaron Briden

Relatives of a Yakima woman murdered three years ago are hoping for justice as the trial for her accused killer gets underway.

Today prosecutors called witnesses to testify in the aggravated first degree murder trial for Aaron Briden. Police believe Briden intentionally ran Shelly Kinter over with his car.

Yesterday Briden waived his right to a jury trial, and will have his case decided by a judge instead. Kinter's relatives hope the judge will convict Briden.

"I just want to let, that the family does have confidence in, that we will see justice in the end," says Kinter's sister Teri Allen.

Briden is also accused of raping Kinter. His trial is expected to continue through next week.