Benton Co. deputy on administrative leave

Able Campos's Richland Home

Able Campos's Richland Home

A Benton County sheriff's deputy is put on administrative leave as officers investigate him for an alleged assault.

According to court documents, 40 year-old Able Campos is suspected of assaulting his wife.

A police report states the alleged assault took place at the couple's Richland home during a birthday party on Saturday.

Campos's wife says he had been drinking, and he hit her two or three times while she was lying in bed.

She said the assault caused her hair to be pulled out, and she showed a wad of hair to officers when they arrived.

Richland police arrested Campos on suspicion of simple assault.

Campos has been a Benton County sheriff's deputy since 2001.

The Richland Police Department is conducting a criminal investigation into the incident, and the Benton County Sheriff's office is conducting its own internal investigation as well.

"We'll wait to see what the outcome of the criminal investigation is and then we'll apply everything to the administrative investigation to see where we're at. And again, he's been a good employee and I don't want to presume that he's guilty or innocent" said Benton County Sheriff Steve Keane.

According to the police report, Campos says the incident was only a verbal argument, and he says he walked out of the room when his wife started yelling at him, and never touched her.

The purpose of the internal investigation is to see if Campos violated any policies or procedures.

Sheriff Keane says that investigation could take months to complete.

Able Campos has been released from jail on personal recognizance.

He will be back in court in three weeks.