People Remember Homeless Who Passed Away

<p>Homeless Vigil</p>

Homeless Vigil

Dozens of people gather in downtown Yakima tonight to remember the homeless who died this year.

It's part of the eighth annual Homeless Person's Memorial Day Vigil.

People took a moment of silence to remember 10 people who passed away while living on the streets of yakima county.

One person says she was homeless for over 5 years, and came tonight to honor those she had come to know in that time.

"Some of these people were not only my family; I lived right next to them, slept right next to them, ate with them. And this is so uplifting to have everyone here gathering to remember them," said Lynnea Sinclair, "They were somebody, they weren't just another homeless person."

Organizers say they have seen homeless deaths decrease by almost 80 percent over the past few years.