Parents Concerned Over Sherman Alexie Novel

<p>"True Diary"</p>

"True Diary"

A handful of parents in the West Valley School District are asking the school board to remove an award winning book from its reading list.

Parents say Sherman Alexie's book, "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian," contains sexual references and profanity that is inappropriate for high school students.

The school says the book gives students insight into what life is like on an indian reservation, and is trying to encourage students to read more young adult novels like it.

"It's the struggles that people go through that some of our students have no idea about whatsoever," said West Valley High School Principal Bill Oppliger, "So we're trying to introduce our students to this kind of genre and stories like this because we want our students to be more connected to what happens in the lives and cultures of others."

The book was banned by the Richland School District last year, but that ban was lifted after school board members read the book and changed their votes.