Slip Simulator to keep Hanford workers on their feet

<p>Slip Simulator</p>

Slip Simulator

Training crews at Hanford are hoping to prevent accidents during the winter months with the help of a new $20,000 device.

The Slip Simulator is used to train workers to walk on slippery and icy conditions without falling down.

The floor of the Slip Simulator is just tile, and trainers make it slippery by spraying Pledge on it.

Hanford workers say the average slip and fall injury costs $28,000 - that includes medical bills, physical therapy and missed wages.

Crews are hoping to curb that, and make employees safer at work.

"One of the issues that we have here at the Hanford site, which actually, everybody has even just leaving their houses, is slipping and sliding on that ice or those wet surfaces, or those frosty surfaces. However, it's been demonstrated that if people are trained to walk on those surfaces a certain way, that you can minimize the risk of actually slipping or falling down" said Paul Kruger, Mission Support Alliance.

Hanford crews will start using the Slip Simulator next week.