Rumors about Mayan doomsday prediction swirl at Richland High School

<p>Richland High School</p>

Richland High School

Police officers will be on the Richland High School campus tomorrow -- after rumors that there could be guns and violence at the school.

Tomorrow is the Mayan prediction for the end of the world.

Students at Richland High School tell us they have been hearing rumors all day about students bringing weapons to school tomorrow.

Some say they're not worried about the rumors, but other students tell us they're concerned.

Richland High Shool senior Asya Gubskaya says tomorrow, she might stay away from school.

"I'm actually thinking about not coming to school tomorrow" said Gubskaya.

The Mayan end-of-the-world doomsday prediction for tomorrow has spawned rumors worldwide that violence will break out everywhere, and people must protect themselves with guns.

And these same rumors are spreading at Richland High School.

"I've heard that some kid or some kids are gonna be coming to school on Friday and probably gonna shoot up the school or something like that" said Elvis Espinoza.

School administrators looked into the rumors as soon as they started swirling, and found them to be hoaxes.

"All the talk at Richland High was investigated by the Richland High administration and by the police. And so there was nothing credible as far as any of those threats go" said Steve Aagard, Richland School District.

This afternoon, the Richland School Board held a special meeting to discuss safety measures in place for students.

This meeting wasn't in response to today's rumors, but was meant to review emergency procedures in light of the shooting in Connecticut.

Police say the school district does a good job holding drills and going over safety procedures, but there is always room for improvement.

"The whole looking into the future and saying on this day, at this time, this person is gonna commit this act, we're not so good at. And so we're trying to develop skill sets to get us closer to that predictability. But right now, because of human behavior, it's incredibly unpredictable" said Cpt. Mike Cobb.

Some Richland High School students say they're not worried about tomorrow's doomsday prediction.

In fact, many feel safe at the school.

"There's a lot of cops here and a lot of teachers and staff that are on it right now. So I'm not really scared about that" said Espinoza.

School administrators say if you know or hear of anything that may be happening tomorrow, call the district and police.

Pasco School District administrators have also posted a message on the district's website for parents today stating the district is launching an assessment of its safety and security procedures, and will bring in outside safety evaluators in January as part of that review.