Gun Sales Increasing Over The Past Week

<p>The AR 15</p>

The AR 15

Almost a week after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, local gun shops are seeing firearms fly off the shelves.

We met with Gary Christensen, who was visiting a local gunshop in Union Gap, looking for a potential gun to buy.

Gunshop owners say many people like Christensen are rushing through their doors, looking to purchase weapons --- which the shop owners believe is fueled by buyers' fears of potential new restrictions on gun ownership.

Just yesterday the President announced the formation of a new panel to review gun control.

"The goverment's not going to get firearms away from people that are non-law abiding people," said ChristensenThe criminals are going to possess guns, I believe that we have the right to protect our property."

Shop owners tell us the most popular item in the region is the AR-15; a lightweight semi-automatic rifle that can fire thirty rounds in a single clip.

This type of assault weapon is at the center of the debate right now as many in Congress believe its sale should be banned.

Shoppers like Gary Christensen can't find any in stock.

Many outdoor stores, such as Hammer's in Union Gap, sold out of the semi-automatic weapon as early as Monday.

They say they have since then been scrambling to bring in more for those who want one, who have been wait-listed.

"With the semi-automatics, a lot of people are just afraid that they're not going to get them anymore," said Hammer's Outdoor World owner Linda Hammond.
Gary Christensen hopes no more restrictions are placed on gun owners like him -- he believes people of age reserve the right to possess any gun, whether it is for security, or recreational purposes.
"As long as they are used legally, we should have the opportunity to do what we want to do with them," said Christensen.