Man In Trouble For Facebook Comments; Police Get Special Training

<p>Police Training For Active Shooter Scenarios</p>

Police Training For Active Shooter Scenarios

On the heels of last week's mass killing in Connecticut, a Zillah man is in custody after making potential threats about a mass shooting on Facebook.

We met with Debra Knight, who is a resident of Zillah.

When she heard about one the town's residents making potential threats on Facebook, she was appalled.

"It was an inapropriate comment," said Knight, "I would say that he is not keeping company with the best people if that is his mindset."

Zillah police were contacted Friday regarding a comment posted on Facebook about the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting

One person had accused an unnamed man of sounding like he could carry out a mass shooting.

The man simply replied 'i may be, i've felt on the very absolute edge of doing something similar lately'.

After investigators retrieved the post, the man was taken into custody yesterday and is currently being held at the Yakima Memorial Psychological Unit, awaiting mental evaluation.

"We're going to do everything within our ability to make sure that the parents can feel comfortable with taking their children to school," Zillah Police Chief Dave Simmons, "I know that by working with the school district, they're as well doing everything possible they can to ensure their children's safety."

Zillah police are no the only ones taking extra steps to protect its residents.

Yakima police were out at the old Stanton School today training their officers to be able to handle live shooter situations either by themselves or with another officer.

They say this tactic has become that much more important since the shooting on Friday.

The aim is to train officers to act before backup arrives and without waiting for any extra help.

"This is actually an ongoing program that we have," said Sergeant Chad Stephens, "But it is also obviously very important in light of recent events that law enforcement continues to train this and emphasize these types of tactics"

Debra Knight says she is glad police are taking all the necessary steps -- and hopes people will learnj to think before they post.

"I think overall, they're as safe as they are anywhere," said Knight, "It's people that use poor judgement or are not really being realistic about every day living."

The Zillah Police Department is working with Yakima County Prosecutors to determine if charges will be filed against the suspect.