Teen Locked In Bathroom For Two Days

<p>Meriah Ceja</p>

Meriah Ceja

<p>Antonio Ceja</p>

Antonio Ceja

A Yakima teen is locked in a bathroom by her own parents for two days -- and digs herself free.

Her parents, Antonio and Meriah Ceja appeared in Yakima court today.

Last night, the two were arrested by Yakima police after their 15 year old daughter claimed she was locked away in the bathroom of their home on Prasch Avenue.

Charles Moorehead lives next door to the family, and found the news shocking.

"Isuppose the parents don't know any better, or they figure they're justified in whatever they want to do to their kids," said Moorehead, "Some parents treat their kids like they're slaves, and they can do what they want to do with them."

The teenager told police she was locked away in the bathroom on Sunday after an altercation with her mother and stepfather -- she managed to escape last night after tearing up a section of the flooring and navigating her way out from underneath the house.

Police say the teen walked to her grandmother's house and contacted authorities.

After detectives finished their preliminary investigation, both parents were booked into Yakima County Jail on charges of Unlawful Imprisonment.

Police say the teen is in good health, and her and two younger siblings were placed with other family members.

The teenager claims she was only fed twice -- those meals consisted of a cup of noodles.

She also claims she was beaten by a broomstick and forced to miss school those two days.

Police are calling this alleged punishment extremely unusual.

"You could have a stranger abduction, or you could have a kidnapping of individuals," said Captain Rod Light, "But for parents to take a child and to lock them in a room for days, God forbid if the house were to catch on fire, something bad would have happened."

Charles Moorehead says the family has always seemed nice, and is still in disbelief about what transpired next door.

"You never know what people are like until you would have to live with them for a while. Then you know what they're like," said Moorehead, "But if you see them out at the store and so on, you don't know what they're like.

Antonio Ceja is being held on a 50 thousand dollar bail, while Meriah Ceja is being held on 15 thousand dollar bail.

Both parents will be arraigned in two weeks.