Man Crashes Car Into Home

<p>Sunnyside Home Damaged By A Car</p>

Sunnyside Home Damaged By A Car

A Sunnyside family gets a frightening wake up call after a driver crashes his car into a home this morning.

Around 3 am Sunnyside police say 20 year old Jorge Pachecho Junior was attempting to make a left turn at a high speed onto South Street, when his car left the road and crashed into a garage.

Police say Pachecho appreared to be under the influence of alcohol.

The homeowner says he was sleeping when the crash happened -- he thought he was being robbed.

"First, I thought somebody had broken into the house, but when I looked, I saw a young man standing at the window; he had a Santa Claus cap on," said Mario Garcia,
And I see his car jammed into the garage, and I'm like... wow."

Pachecho was booked for driving under the influence and for possession of marijuana.