City of Yakima May Get Complete Ownership of Air Terminal

<p>Yakima Airport passengers</p>

Yakima Airport passengers

The Yakima Air Terminal may soon be owned completely by the city of Yakima.

City Manager Tony O'Rourke is asking the council to consider taking ownership of the airport at it's meeting tonight.

The air terminal has been jointly owned and operated by the city and county, in order to share profits, losses and liabilities -- however, the county now wants out of the joint ownership.

However, ORourke says it would be best to have one group in charge for easier management and faster decision making.

"I think it would be easier then to go out and solicit air service from different airlines in addition to trying  to improve the overall financial performance of the airport," said O'Rourke, "Because it would be redundancies with existing staff and the city staff that we could reduce."

O'rourke says it is too early to tell if any job cuts will be made should the city take full ownership of the air terminal.