City Council Moves Forward With Key Issues

<p>Yakima city council discussing budget proposal</p>

Yakima city council discussing budget proposal

The Yakima City Council is moving forward with several proposals.

Several council members expressed concern over the proposed car tab fee, saying many voters would not approve of the $40 fee.

However, the council agreed to modify the fee, asking for voters to approve or reject a $30 fee that would be added. 

The money generated from tab fees will be used to improve roads.

Voters in Yakima will have the chance to decide on the tab fee in April.

The council also approved two ordinances regarding adult businesses.

One proposal suggested increasing the minimum distance between schools, parks, and churches from 500 feet, to 800 feet.

The second proposal suggested creating more objective standards as to where and an adult business can be run.

Last, the council expressed interest in assuming full control of the Yakima Air Terminal, however, council members suggested opening up a study session next month before any moves are made.