CWU Teacher Wins Award For Dress Design

<p>GI Jane Dress</p>

GI Jane Dress

A Central Washington University textiles professor wins an award for one of her more unique designs.

We met with Andrea Eklund, a professor of apparel, textiles, and merchandising at CWU

About a month ago, Eklund won the award at a conference in Hawaii.

"It was -- is an exciting thing," said Eklund, "Not very many people get chosen for this, so it's very exciting"

Eklund's outfit, GI Jane, was  recognized in a category of outfits that are both socially and evironmentally sustainable.

"What makes it sustainable or socially responsible is you're resuing something," said Eklund, "So rather than buying something brand new and having it, you're taking something that's already been used and recreating something with it."

The outfit, chosen out of 374 submissions, was made out of 5 different army fatigues, donated to her by a friend.

The outfit, which Eklund says took approximately 100 hours to make, sits on display in her sewing room.

Many department staff hope it inspires her students to be more creative when they're designing, and ultimately attract more students to the program.

"Hopefully it'll get students excited," said department office manager Alexandra Lange, "If you're walking throught the building and you're in another major, and you might get a glimpse of one of andrea's designs walking down the runway during our annual fashion show -- might bring interest in or simply word of mouth."

Eklund says she is honored to have her work recognized, but ultimately agrees that it should mainly be used as inspiration for her students.

"It's good for them to see me being active, and me designing," said Eklund, "So it's not just teaching, I'm not just teaching it, I'm actually doing it. I think it inspires them, and i think it gives them -- okay she's actually doing it, she has knowledge, and I can see her doing it."

The GI Jane outfit will be put on display during the school's annual fashion show in june.