Same-sex couples get marriage licenses

<p>Getting Marriage License</p>

Getting Marriage License

17 same sex couples across our region apply for marriage licenses today as gay marriage becomes legal.

Those who picked up their licenses today will be able to tie the knot on Sunday.

Tri-Cities couple Santos Bethea and Erica Estavillo, say this is the best $57 they've ever spent.

This morning, the couple bought their marriage license in Franklin County, something they never thought they'd be able to do.

They say getting the small piece of paper is a huge relief.

"Much better, thought we had to go out of town and do it" said Bethea.

The couple became engaged after Referendum 74 passed last month.

The referendum gives same sex couples in Washington the right to marry.

"We were at my sister's house and I got down on my knees and I proposed to her to marry me" said Estavillo.

Stacey Miles is officiating Bethea's and Estavillo's wedding.

She owns Uniquely I Do - a small business catering to non-denominational weddings, and says she's honored to be part of the historical day.

"We've always offered commitment ceremonies to same sex couples, but again, this will be our first legal same sex ceremony" said Miles.

The wedding won't be large.

Bethea and Estavillo have only spent the last month planning for the big day - they say it has been a hectic past couple weeks.

"It's just gonna be a small wedding and it's gonna be at my sister's house in front of the Christmas tree" said Bethea.

The couple says even though they're looking forward to their wedding, they're very anxious to tie to knot.

"Nervous. Nowhere to run, no I'm playing" laughed Bethea.

Benton County saw the most same sex couples apply for licenses, with seven couples.

Six couples applied for licenses in Yakima County.

Two couples in Franklin County.

And one each in Walla Walla and Kittitas counties.

Marriage certificates have a three day waiting period, that's why the first same sex marriages in the state will take place on Sunday.