Carbon Monoxide Alarms Required Starting Next Year

<p>Carbon Monoxide Alarm</p>

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

The West Valley Fire Department in Yakima is reminding people to purchase carbon monoxide alarms.

Starting in 2013, nearly all residential buildings in Washington state will be required to have the alarms.

The fire department showed us common carbon monoxide emitters found in homes, which includes stoves and fireplaces.    

Firefighters say the best way to keep the gas levels low is to have your home properly ventilated.

Firefighters also say people should avoid using outdoor heating appliances indoors.

"Watch out for carbon monoxide, such as dont bring barbecues inside to keep warm if you don't have heat in your house," said firefighter Blake Scully, "Don't do drastic things like that, because it can kill you."

The fire department says most carbon monoxide detectors cost around 20 dollars.