Mudslide Closes SR 410 in Nile Valley

<p>SR 410 Mudslide</p>

SR 410 Mudslide

A large mudslide sends a thousand tons of dirt and rock onto State Route 410 in the Nile Valley, closing the highway. Now the search is on for any motorists stranded by the mudslide.

Doug Williams sees the mud and rock covering State Route 410 near his business in the Nile Valley, and is in awe of the power of mother nature.   

"This is just more of what, Mother Nature at work. She's hard to figure out and she never fails to amaze me," says Williams.

The Department of Transportation says it was notified around 9:30 this morning, by people who reported seeing the road blocked by the slide.     The slide was not a surprise, the D.O.T. says a slide occurred at this same location last year.

"We have been watching this slide for the last few days with the heavy rain and stuff, but it came down today," says maintenance supervisor Chuck Laidler.

Yakima County Search and Rescue says the people who reported the slide are staying at a cabin nearby, and are not stranded.

"They're fine they don't have any particular needs, they're staying at a cabin, they can get out if they need to," says Wayne Frudd of Search and Rescue.

But today crews will comb the area with ATV's to see if there are people stranded by the slide.

"There could be people up there, there may not be, but we'd like to know for sure, see if they have any needs," says Frudd.

Authorities say it could be several days before the road is cleared to allow a car through the mud slide area. The D.O.T. could soon at least have one lane open, to give people access through the area.

"We should be able to get past this in a couple of days, next week and have the road open with flag people," says Laidler.

The D.O.T. says today's slide is not as bad as last year's mudslide in the same location. The mudslide area is 19 miles west of a landslide that wipe out State Route 410 three years.