Soup Kitchen Feeds Homeless and Hungry

<p>Outdoor soup kitchen for homeless in Yakima</p>

Outdoor soup kitchen for homeless in Yakima

The homeless and hungry in Yakima were able to get a much needed hot meal this afternoon.

Volunteers filled around 100 bowls of chicken soup at an outside soup kitchen at Connections Church on South Naches Avenue this afternoon.

The soup kitchen is part of the local recognition of "National Hunger and Homeless Week." One woman who showed up with her dog is glad she didn't have to travel far for lunch.

"I know the mission's not far but a lot of homeless people, this is closer, this is easier for a lot of us," says Evelyn Furney.

Diners also had bread, bottles of water and apples to snack on. The latest census of homeless people in Yakima county found nearly 900 people without a home, and nearly a third of the homeless are under 18 years old.