I-1183 Buzzing on Election Day



November 8th has arrived and a lot of voters headed to drop off their ballots today were talking about I-1183 and the impact it will have on future liquor sales.

If approved, Initiative 1183 would get rid of all state-run liquor stores and allow private businesses to sell and distribute hard alcohol.

Right now, liquor sales and distribution is completely controlled by the state, but if I-1183 is approved then its availability will spread.

Here are some comments from local voters:

Ruth Ellen Boogaard, Finley: "It's a monopoly right now and I feel that a lot of our money is going to pay for the employees that sell the alcohol."

Colette Gable, Kennewick: "I don't think its a very good idea, I think just knowing teenagers, at their hands, easier I think, that was my main concern."

In Franklin County, voters will decide whether or not to raise the sales tax by .03% to help fund a new jail and provide money to law enforcement across the county.

Sheriff Richard Lathim, Franklin County Sheriff's Office, said there is no more room left at the jail, and they are running out of options.

"It's absolutely essential it passes to continue to keep the community safe," Lathim said. "We've reached a point where there is no more capacity but we continue to grow."

In Yakima County, voters have the option to expand government from three county commissioners to 15 county freeholders.

Bernie Sims, Chairman for Home Rule, said this is the best option for a county that continues to expand.

"I know we have a lot of problems and I believe that if the citizens could represent the issues that are in their community...you'd have more people working to make this a better county." Sims said.

Election results will start filtering in around 8:00 P.M. Tuesday night.

Keep checking KAPPTV.com or KVEWTV.com for election results.