Oregon College Students Spend Spring Break Helping Yakima

A group of college students from Oregon State University are passing up on hot destination spots for their spring break, and instead they're spending it in Yakima. 11 students made the trip to serve the community, and help feed the homeless all week. On Monday, they handed out sandwiches to the hungry and served lunch at the Union Gospel Mission. They also helped organize and clean the food bank there. The students say it's a rewarding experience.

OSU Student Lisa Baldinger said, "if you're given the opportunity to do something that can help other people and it's just a low cost trip for one week, why not? There's no bad side of helping people at all, it's just a good positive trip."

The students will also help paint and repair playground equipment at the Southeast Community Center. City firefighters will put on a spaghetti feed for the students, and the city will host a potluck for them later this week.