New Mall Stores Expected to Bring 450 New Jobs

<p>Valley Mall in Union Gap</p>

Valley Mall in Union Gap

Up to 450 new jobs may be created in the Yakima Valley when the Valley Mall in Union Gap welcomes as many as nine new stores by next year. Now. more on the retailers expected to move in.

The Valley Mall in Union Gap has expanded in recent years, but some shoppers say they're still not satisfied with what it has to offer.
"Before we'd come to the mall and there would be one or two stores that we liked," says shopper Adrienne Wall.

"I feel that our mall doesn't have as big as a variety as we had hoped for them to have," says shopper Megan Lopez.
That soon could change, mall owners say seven national clothing stores aimed at all ages are set to move into the main mall in a couple of months.

"Primarily apparrel tenants that will appeal to the more mature woman shopper, as well as juniors and children," says mall owner Fred Bruning.

The retailers, which haven't been named,  are expected to bring with them  450 new jobs, with 400 of them at two big box stores  moving in to the old Costco.

"That's especially good because again we're not taking away from another store, we're not just transferring from one location to another," says Bruning.

"Economy is still struggling a little bit, and it's still hard to find a job, just like for anyone so the more jobs the better I think," says shopper Chris Sparks.

The seven retailers in the mall are expected to be moved in by Christmas, the two big box stores, by late 2012. Shoppers say it can't come soon enough.

"They need to cater cause we still buy, they need to cater to old people," says shopper Pat Nelson.

"I'm happy that they're coming here, because then I don't have to go out of town to go to certain stores," says Alexys Braley.

The mall owner says he can't name the stores moving in because the stores want to make that announcement themselves.