Gov. Gregoire Announces Proposal to Revamp State Education


Governor Chris Gregoire announced earlier today sweeping changes to the state's education system that would shrink down Olympia's multiple education offices to one.

Gregoire is suggesting a new Department of Education agency absorb the duties handled by the state school superintendent and other agencies.

Gregoire says the changes would save time, money and improve outcomes for students.

The changes would affect education "from pre-school to the Ph.D.", according to the governor.

The new Education Department would be headed by a secretary appointed by the governor instead of being elected.

Other changes would be limits on tuition increases, providing high school seniors with more advanced curriculum to better prepare them for college and funding for students and families across the state to help pay for higher education.

These changes will only take place if the proposal is passed in the legislature by a two-thirds vote, and is passed by a statewide vote from the public.